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Around the globe, most mayonnaises, ketchups and distinctive sauces are squeezed in stand-up pockets, or Doy Packs. These sauces tend to contain grinding chemicals (acidic and citrus removes, vegetable oils and fats). Versatile packaging should impenetrable to any unfavorable effects of these blends. It is vital to use materials with low gas vulnerability due the potential oxidation of the fats by barometrical oxygen. Things in light of tomato paste (sauces and ketchup) are sensitive to natural conditions and need additional impediment material. Other than the packaging needs to withstand high temperatures as the thing encounters a hot filling operation. Nowadays, because of the execution of new, moved headways, our association offers untouchable packaging to address our clients' every issue. The squeezing material for fat-and-oil things is a two-layer (duplex) or three-layer (triplex) structure in perspective of aluminum foil, polymer motion pictures and high-check blends.

Technology: PET/Foil/PE, PET/Foil/PET/PE, PET/Paper/PE, PET/PE, PET/PE, Foil/PE/Paper/PE.